Blood Pressure High blood pressure is one of the main risk factors for heart disease, stroke, and kidney failure.


Category: Systolic/Diastolic (top number/bottom number)

Low risk: 120 / 80

Medium risk: 121-139 / 80 - 89

High risk: 140+ / 90

There are some exceptions to these categories.

If you have diabetes, the high risk category for your blood pressure is slightly lower. Your blood pressure should be less than 130 / 80. Consult a healthcare provider if your blood pressure level is higher than 130 / 80 on more than one occasion. Generally speaking, systolic blood pressure should be less than 150 for people over 80 years of age. But your healthcare provider will consider your overall health and medical conditions before deciding on the right blood pressure level for you.

Blood Sugar

If you are experiencing the signs of a low blood sugar level, check your blood sugar immediately. If your blood sugar drops very low, you may need help from another person.

Injections and Vacination

We are doing many vaccines in addition to the flu vaccine. These vaccines include the shingles vaccine as well as many common travel vaccines.